Xpa Technologies Ltd.



Our skilled developers will note your apps idea and will transform that idea into customizable and user friendly features.
Developing mobile apps for a business not only benefits the business owners, but also the customers.

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Ziz Labs is ready to develop a responsive website which will give perfect view on the gadget its being viewed.

So, this is the time to make online visibility for your business or service, personal issues.

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Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing,  programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating

and maintaining applications, frameworks, or any other software components.

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Our Culture

Our employees are responsible to reach the company’s mission and we can proudly say that the people we recruit becomes a self-motivated person for the company.

Our Values

We love to say that we seek a win-win outcome for any projects or objects. We value the commitment and our employees are liable to keep it up. Our tech do not compromise with quality or quantity.


Business Registration in Bangladesh, we are partner with law firm and we help foreign business leaders to register their business, to make visible their brand in our country. If you have a brand for product or service for which you want to setup an office in our country and want to promote your brand, we can help you to proceed with the related documents and to complete necessary work by the our law firm and logistics support. For registration we work step by step with clients to accomplish goals to offer maximum yield.

Please contact us to know the details about registration and how to start working with these issues.


Business is easier today in this digital world, if you have products or services that you want to distribute or export in our country we can help you, we are already connected to people who are renowned distributor in Bangladesh. We are experienced in this field and working on it so we can easily help you to grow your business. There are a lot of issues that you need to know before starting or thinking about business revolution.

Contact us, Our executives will do necessary the conversation with guide you about the business culture of Bangladesh and how to start working us.


We are global IT Development Company, we are delivering world-class and user friendly service as per the client’s requirement.

For software, mobile apps or website development issues, consult with us freely.